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    Question about DNP Manuel

    For anyone who is familiar with the manual, who contributed to it or has followed it, I have a question.

    The manual says that there are 4 phases. The first phase is 3 days of carb depletion. On the 4th day (phase 2), the manual says to eat a very high carb meal to get an insulin spike and to jumpstart t3. Does this mean that you take your first dose of DNP on the 4th night, after you've had your carb-up meal earlier in the day? Or do I wait till the 5th day to actually start the DNP (phase 3)?

    One last thing, would I be less effective if I cut the 1st phase short by a day? I want to either do that or begin the first dose of DNP on the night of my carb-up meal. My whole concern is whether I'd be hurting the effectiveness by moving the schedule up by a day. If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this method I'd be more than happy to hear them.

    - Judoman

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    Don't carb deplete, and don't worry about t3 levels when you are on dnp .

    In fact, the best diet on dnp is to 'eat clean', low fat, high carb. And keep hydrated, I cannot stress that enough. It not only helps with how you feel, but with fatloss as well.

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