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Thread: T3 muscle decay

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    Question T3 muscle decay

    I just got off my first cycle and made impressive gains. I want to take T3 to lose some excess fat but am worried about losing muscle. I was wondering how I can take it without AS and without losing muscle? (I KNOW, I KNOW, I should have taken it while on my cycle)

    P.S. I posted this question from a friend of mine's name..he is the one running the T200/EQ/Winny cycle....sorry, but im having probs with my comp!
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    What is your body fat at right now?

    If you are looking to run it a long time, you can run 12.5mcg for ages and it will keep your muscles hard.

    Ive been running between 12.5-50 daily for this cycle and its almost at the end of 8 weeks.

    I have had great results and i love t3! just make sure to start slowly and see how YOU react to it.

    If you want to go 50mcg or higher make sure you are hitting the protien hard and ramping up and down correctly.

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