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    how much nolva should i take?

    i am in my forth week of my eq and eth cycle, and finally got my nolva in, i am very prone to gyno so i am taking 50mg of proviron a day, iam bloated to shit, how much nolve should i be taking.

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    Altho some will say you don't need it, if you're really prone...take 20mg ed thru the rest of your cyc... "It reduces IGF-1 , therefore reducing gains"....

    Ya reducing gains in your tits. I'd rather not gain 5 lbs i could have, than have those 5 lbs, plus an extra 2 for the tits.

    Go get em bro.

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    lol good call PPP. Well i don't know for me i don't know if i'm prone to it but i know in my last cycle when my nipples started getting irritated i started take one tab of nolvades for 7 days... cleared everything up. after you take the 7 just wait to see if you get those side effect of the nipples again. if not i guess not take it. Everyone has their own opinion. that's what i did. and i didn't get the problem again.

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    Dbol , first off that proviron will not help with the bloating much, Nolv won't at all. Nolv simply blocks estrogen receptors, at the site. Now as far as gyno goes, Nolv will hinder gains, but block the estrogen receptors at the nipples. Just to give you an idea, I am very prone to gyno, I had to take about 80mg a day yes, 80mg a day of Nolv just to keep my nips from burning/itching/hurting. Personally if you are looking to get rid of some of the bloating, use Liquidex/Armidex. Nolv is not bad to have on hand, but I would not do a test cycle without Armidex or Liquidex, along with Nolv. Hope this helps bud.

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