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    POLL: Get in here and answer this!!

    Would you rather get 3 crimped 50ml vials with your finakit? One containg oil, one containing solution and one empty one....Or the way the come now -- 2 screw tops vials and one 50ml crimped vial for the final product.

    Do the screw top vials make it easier to covert? Adding the dissolved pellets to the oil....ect...?????

    Feedback please?


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    I would have to say that the 2 screw top vials are best...IMO
    (At least one is necessary to be a screw top or how else will you put the pellets in?) Also i found that having a screw top vial makes it easier to get the last bit that seems to always be at the bottom.

    I got my kit and they said "new 50ml crimped top vial for final product now comes with the kit".....*cough* bullshit! I got all 3 screw tops...I'm not complaining just curious about the false advertising????


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    At first I bitched about the screw tops, I take it back, I like ALL screw tops. The reason being is that I actually unscrew the top on the final product to draw it up. No leakage and easier to me. I vote all screw tops.

    Now, since we are discussing the kits, I have to honestly say I would like 2 filters instead of one. I like these kits BUT the 4G ALWAYS freaking clogs on me. Now I'm not sure but I "think" for some reason the whatman filters from a competitor are better as I've not had clogs EVER with the whatman filters. Just my opinion and 45+- CC's;-).


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