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    T3 and Clen ? for ya's

    I'm using them both with ECA atm.

    I'm just wondering, should I spread out my dosages though the day?

    I'm using 250mgs of clen a day, should I take like 150mgs in morning and 100mgs in afternoon? I know the "shakes" quit after about 5-6 hours.

    And w/ the t3 should I do the same?


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    Yes spread your dosages out throughout the day. Try not to take any to late at night or you will be up replying to post at 3:00 am like me.

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    funny shit Rickson!!! Yea I agree... dont take anything after three otherwise valiums are needed, atleast for me

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    I think you misposted 250mg of clen and you wouldnt be feeling to well max rec dosage is about 140-160MCG per day thats not even 10% of the amount ur talking. Take T3 however you want just daily its got a long half life and doesnt need to be every so often. I take some in the morning some before bed some miday depending how many im on. As for mixing it with eca personally i wouldnt mix it to many possible effects on the heart, not something you need to be fukcing about with also if you are running clen and T3 you dont need to use eca you can only lose fat at a certain rate and personally I rate eca as a useless fat burner just a stimulant to give u a little boost when carbs are low


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