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Thread: Clomid Solo

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    Clomid Solo

    Can u take clomid by itself to boost sex drive/natty test level and all that other good stuff? Is that a bad idea?
    Its not for me, but a friend asked me who did a cycle almost a year ago and his test never truly 100% recovered, so im asking you guys. He's got a bottle ready to go, and waiting for the o.k.
    is HCG better? Proviron ?


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    HCG /Tamoxifen is better choice im my opinion.

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    even clomid may not regulate your test levels completely back to normal..if its been a yr and his test is low i would see a doc personally...clomid really is nothing but a female obulation drug, not sure what it would do a yr after a cycle as far as boosting sex drive =\

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    I'd perfer Proviron . They actually give this to men with low test levels and sex drive. HCG is okay IMO, but I have read that it is not as effective as some make it out to be. Clomid probally won't boost your sex drive much, but clomid does work POST CYCLE, to supress estrogen in order for your body to get it's own test levels back up to snuff. However, your friend, said it has been over a year, I personally don't feel that clomid would help much, especially after so much time has past. IMPO, I would say go for the Proviron.

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