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Thread: Winny cycle

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    Talking Winny cycle

    Hey guys I just got done finishing my first cycle of sust and deca about 2 months ago. And what I was wondering is that, I want to do some winstrol Just Winstrol for now to cut me up and I was wondering if I split up the dosages from 25mg half tabs weeks 1-3 and weeks 4-7 50mgs and 8-10 25mg if I can get down from 12% to 5% body fat also My friend told me that I can gain 10 more pounds by doing this if I eat enough is that true also do I need clomid and nolvas post cycle even though it is low aromitising, hit me back. I appreciate it.

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    u mean its been 2 months since your last injection?or two months after your 3 week clomid therapy?time on =time off.bro dont relay on the gear to do the wofk they just help u .it really up to u.if yoru diet isnt in check then nothing will help u thast the most important and cardio .then u say u wanna cut but u aslo mention u gaining 10 lbs ,sound confusing.pick one .if u wanna cut up then u need to diet lots of cardio and then hit the winny along with soem clen .or jsut try clen and see how it woks for u .anties doubt u need them but u never know better safe then sorry,clomid yes it will shut u down,sromitsing has nothing to do with need ing clomid .id suggest little more research before doing anything .

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    The answer is no. You are not going to gain ten pounds and drop your BF from 12% to 5% in ten weeks on a 25 mg winny only cycle.

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