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    Question Raised blood pressure

    does anybody know how these ASes fuck up your blood pressure
    say you are doing a cycle of DBOL and Deca

    or whichever cycle, how do moderate doses of AS affect your heart rate and blood pressure?

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    It really depends on the person bro. D-bol will raise most people's bp because it is going to make you hold more water. For the most part the more androgenic the steriod the more it will raise your bp.

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    what do you do to prevent the consequences of high blood pressure?

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    AS use difinately raises it so make sure you watch your sodium intake! Most drug stores(walgreens, Eckerds, etc..) have those sit down b/p machines and i use those often but they can be off a bit since it's hard to squeeze a 18" bicep into a sleeve thats make for between 9-13"!

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    deca is bad for me and dbol does not affect it. DECA BAD for BP and heart rate. It is not a mild steroid as most wouls say....full of sides.

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