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    Dosage seems high

    Is it just me or are the averarage recomended dosages high... I am a believer of starting low and adjusting accordingly throughout my 10-12 weeks, never going over 1 - 1.5 cc's of any one substance in my stack. It gives me great results and I am not waisting any gear. The body has this strange way of adapting, using what it needs and voiding what it does'nt... In short why run into the red when you still have plenty of rpm's to finish the race w/out stressing your engine... Once you start high you can never turn back, by starting as low as possible and being patient you can make the adjustment needed to get the results. sometimes less is more!!!

    By the way my stats are: 5'7" 242 lbs. 8% bf, I have a sports medicine back ground, Competed as a natural for 2 yrs. 1 over all, 2 class wins, 1 second, one third, one show I did not place. reached my natural level at 31, started juicing at 32 when I weighed 184 lbs. I am now 34, I have about 7 cycles under my belt and weigh in at 240.

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    You make a valid point, but here's the flipside... What if your goals were 25lbs of lean mass when you started. That goal could probably be accomplished by a newbie on his first cycle with 500mg test, 400mg deca , and some dbol . YOu've run a lot more cycles, he's only run one for 12 wks, and in my opinion, taken less of a health risk. Also, I agree that starting low may not be a bad idea, and it obviously worked great for you, but most people probably wouldn't see the gains you've seen with low dose cycles. Sounds like you have great genetics to me.

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    I agree a 100%, but a lot of people react different to different drugs. You may get great results on 200mg of test a week when it takes me 500mg. (Just an ex.) Also there are people listing there dosages that have been doing this for years. Not everyone should jump into high dosages on roids, especially on their first cycle. There are plenty of good Bro's on the board that are a big help and give their opinions based on experience. I have personally seen hundreds of times where members on the board tell other members that they should start off light.

    Peace, Budman

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