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    Question help

    what does anyone think about taking deca and test etn for 10 wks at 200mg of each. also including nolvadex every day at 20mg. does anyone think that the nolvadex needs to be ran at 10 wks at 20 mg ed. any info would be great. i think that is just to much nolvadex also that stuff is expensive...

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    no, I doubt SERIOUSLY that you'll have ANY problem at all with gyno at those doses, you'd be better of mailing your nolva to me than taking it. Hold on to your nolva until next time unless you see sides, which is probably unlikely but not impossible. If you see any signs of gyno, take 40mg ed until it goes away, then 20mg ed until you're through with your clomid.

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    I would up my dosages to 400 mg of test and 400 mg of deca personally but at 200 of each I am with JP no need to take Nolva unless you see a problem start. By the way run the enanthate at least through week 12 and stop the deca at ten so you can start clomid on week 14.

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