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    looking for advice

    this may need to go into the diet forum but it does relate to my current cycle. i have heard the do's and don'ts of how you are supposed to eat until i feel like i know less now than i did when i started. i am in week 3 of a t-200 cycle at 300mg per week[going to run it for 8 weeks]. i will throw in winny at 50mg eod in week 5 and run it until week 10. i have been trying to eat really lean low fat meals that are heavy in protein and low in fat and carbs. my goal is to gain 10-15 lean pounds but mainly rip up from doing cardio and the winny of course. i have posted on the diet forum and received alot of good info. but i am still confused. should i eat everything i can get my hands on, good or bad, including fast food cheese burgers, etc. in order to grow. i am only eating a total of 10 to 15 grams of fat per day now because this is what i thought i needed to do. people have told me that i need more fat in order to grow. like i said, i am really confused. can anyone knowledgeble in this area please respond

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    I think if your goal is truly to rip up then stop worrying about the scale altogether. The mirror and fat calipers should be the only thing you care about. You should maintain a strict diet with high protein, low carbs (cutting back to nothing at night moderate during day) and low to moderate fat. Morning cardio (huge help in fat loss) and ALA will make your life easier.

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    It is going to be hard for you to reach the goals you have set for yourself. To put on 10-15lbs while get ripped up is not an easy task. I am a big believer in either a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle. What I would suggest for you ate this point is to keep your protien high. Keep your carb intake low to moderater and eat carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, veggies. As for fat 10 to 15 grams a day is to low. Your body needs fat for energy. Also your body does not want to release fat if it is not taking any in. Just make sure you fat is coming from good sources. Flax seed oil, canola oil, almonds, avacodos are all excellent sources. Fat should make up at least 20% of your diet.

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    swampthing has a good point
    if you are not taking in fat body wont release fat--the human body is a touchy thing--not enough water holds water,not enough fat holds fat. the last time i leaned out i ate a lot of red meat,peanut butter even bacon the key is when you eat a high protein and fat meal keep carbs low. eat carbs before gym and make sure eating plenty of protein and moderate "healthy fat" with plenty of water

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    if ur still gonna eat Fast food like you said u shold stick to chiken, also a guy i used to know (huge mofo) used to get like 3 double cheeseburgers and a salad from mcdonalds, eat all the meat and cheese and then eat the salad b/c it was low in carbs. The high protein/fat low carb thing definatly worked for him.

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