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    I am gonna take D-Bol 3 pills a day for 6 weeks, and test 400 fr 8-10 weeks, not sure yet, my first cycle. What I want to know is I hear you are supposed to eat like crazy, but can you still do cardio and gain in lean mass with these? I would sa right no I am about 20-25 % bf, I want to gain lots of muscle and cut bf. If I can't do it with D-Bol and Tet, what would be the best cycle? Thanks

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    hey bro,
    if your gonna bulk, then bulk, and if you want to cut , then cut. make the decision and go for it. some say its possible to do both in a single cycle, but imho, its just not feasible. depending on what your plans are, one or the other will suffer.
    dbol /test(except prop) is usually used for bulking. you will hold some water, and this makes it easier to eat more and and lift heavier, therefore the bulking classification for these drugs. you have to make the decision what you want to do, but most guys will run 1 or 2 bulkers, and then cut.

    peace bb79

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    Read post above again. By the way what mg are your dbols. I am going to assume they are 10 mg but if they are 5 you need to up the dosage.

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    Test 400mg a week 1-10
    Dbol 30mg ed week 1-4

    Clomid post cycle and have nolvadex on hand just in case.

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    There are a lot of people out there who should read and then re-read bb79's post. Either bulk or cut. In the long run you will get far better results.

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