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    Winstrol Question

    Just a quick question I have the option of buying 2 different types of Winstrol tabs: one is the Zambon 2.5 mg and the other is ** Winstrol tabs at 50 mg. Now the prices of the two are almost the same, so help me out a bit this does'nt seem to make sense should'nt the 50 mg tabs be way more expensive.
    Thanks in advance

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    They would be "way more expensive" if you were getting them from a legitimate and established labratory and not an underground shop.

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    When you make them in your basement you can sell them a lot cheaper.

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    go for the cheapo's

    ive used zambon amps(drank em)@50mgs ed in the past,and have been using the ** winny tabs now for 2 weeks@100mgs ed,ive gotta say they are very comperable(except in price),id go for the **'s,shit you can eat 350mgs of winny ed for the same price as 50 mgs of zambons

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