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    loseing weight while on cycle

    ok right now my cycle consits of

    100 mg eod test prop weeks 1-4
    400mg eq weeks 1-12
    400mg test ethanate weeks 1-12
    50 mg ed winni weeks 8-14
    75 mg ed fina weeks 8-14

    i started a 60day cycle of T3 from week 1 til now im in my 3rd week
    also running clen 2 weeks on/2 weeks off keeping calories at about 2200 a day im 209 pounds about 13 % BF now i never done a cutting cycle only bulk cycles im acustomed to gaining weight not looseing wieght while cycleing is this normal?? oh by the way i take provivron to combat water and estrogen please tell me if somethings wrong or if im tripping out i started out at about 215 now im 209 but i do look leaner though =)
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    you're probably losing bf bro. thats a good thing. screw scales, they are the it by how u look in the mirror...cuz when it all comes down to it, that girl aint gonna be asking what u weighed in at today..shess gonna be asking how the hell did u get those sick abs

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    Dito what PaPa said.


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    G-S Guest
    Fuck that is a heavy duty cycle.

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    is anyone else had this happen to them like i have stated above in my post? or should i be worried and up my calories? thank you

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    Like papa says, probably BF from the T3. good luck!

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