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Thread: DR. Evil?

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    G-S Guest

    DR. Evil?

    What ever happened to this guy?

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    Oct 2001
    He is just really busy lately he still stops by occasionally

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    Jan 2002
    yeah i was wondering what happened to the good doctor myself. Huh, hope all is well

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    I spoke with him earlier. He is very busy trying to run the store he opened up. However, I don't want to say too much becasue this is his personal life and I would rather he tell everyone what is going on. But all in all he is doing fine; busy; but will be back soon.

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    G-S Guest
    Strange. I see he was removed as a MOD...

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    I'm curious as well

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    don't worry about him not being mod anymore, he has a lot going on right now. Suffice it to say, when someone seemingly disappears from a board, he generally has some personal issues to deal with that he may not want everyone to know about. All you can do is wish him the best right now and hope he makes it back here eventually.

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    the "doc" and I have spoken on many occassions, and yes I know he is quite busy right now.. I pmed him the other day just to see how he is doing, he hasn't gotten back to me yet however. I must say, "The doc" has helped me out tremendously, he is a great guy, and a very knowledgeable person as well. We do miss him, and wish him the best. And I am sure he will be back soon..

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