Hey I was curious anyone ever diagnosed with klinefelters syndrome?

If so, can you or would you be interested in sharing any experiences and things that you went thru while on your testostorone therapy. I have yet to start and was just diagnosed last week, i am curious what kind of changes i will be seeing when i do start taking my 200mg/week depo test

I am excited, I hope i don't get depressed as easy as now, better attention span, memory, not so sleepy, and lots more horny. I hope there is someone that can tell me what are some potential things that could happen as far as size growth. I would imagine that if I am going to take any kind of hormone little or not, i am going to gain something, if so how much anyone know a answer or have a clue?
i plan on working out hard, eating right, and being active.

Thanks for any info on this serious question.

If you have time, please PM me, thanks