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    Can someone give me some advice please

    ok my previous cycle i took deca and abombs i had a little lump under my nipple i waited about 4 or 5 months and it got smaller and i asked alot of people on here if i would be alright if i started a new cycle everyone said yes but to keep an eye on the lump... i am on week 4 of my test depot 500mg a wekk and dbol 45mg-a week and the lump is growing bigger now i was taking arimidex .5 mg eod for the first three weeks and i am gonna take .5 mg's ed now does that sound good? what do you people think i should do with my cycle and should i change any dosages? Also this is my last week of dbol

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    If you have it, bump the arimidex to 1mg/day.

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    Definitely raise the Arimidex . Also consider taking Nolvadex at 40mg/d until the lump goes away.


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    get some noveldex start at 80mg/day, when signs subside go to 40mg/day until no signs at all, then stay at 20mg/day for remainder of cycle

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