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Thread: T-3 question

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    Question T-3 question

    Ok I need some advice here, currently using Eq 400mgs/Sust 500mgs a week. I am at 17% bodyfat because I sustained a knee injury that prevents from me running, I do try to get on the stationary bike though (boring). My question: If I take T-3 will it impede my progress of gaining muscle/weight? This is where I get so confused. I want to get big, and I do try to eat big ..calories/protein. But I want to lose the excess fat without sacrificing muscle and some of the weight. What should I do? and how much T-3 should i take?

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    look on the profiles bro under cytomel , also do a search for cycleon cytomel another guy told me about this look at the post started by zion that should help you

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