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    Aug 2002

    Anadrol and Deca course.....

    Just about to start a 6 week course of Anadrol - 1 tab a day and 8 week course of Deca - 200mg p/w. just curious to know at what stage should I start taking Clomid and is it necessary to take HCG ?

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    Aug 2001
    no hcg ,clomid is all
    start 3 wks after deca
    btw your cycle looks like shit,but thats a diffrent story
    keep an eye on your nipples using those 2 togather

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    4plates is right bro... that cycle does look like shit... For starters you should add some test as a base steroid for the cycle....

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    deca @ 200MG wk for 8 weeks??? doesn't sound to well thought out to me..

    read some more, and like 4plates said watch the nips with those two..
    throw some test in there
    test 500mg wk 1-10
    deca 400mg wk 1-10

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    the vast wasteland
    dbol 30mg ed weeks1-4
    test enanthate 400-500mg/week
    equipiose 400-600mg/week

    they are right bro...........that cycle looks potentially deadly nip wise, amongst other things............

    peace bb79

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