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    im not looking to get too big!

    whats the deal with the threads lately?
    seems like alot of guys "dont want to get to big" just 15 lbs! so their just going to use 200 mg deca and minimal amounts of test

    let me tell you guys 15 lbs is alot to gain!

    your not going to just shoot 200 mg deca and bam! your up 15 lbs

    your going to have to eat like an animal,and lift like you never have before.

    200 mg of deca or 200-300 mg of test is just going to shut you down and do NOTHING!

    ive seen alot of threads like this ang guys gave great advice on how to run a COMPLETE cycle that will get you to a 15lb gain,if diet and training are up to par.

    a complete cycle that will add a quality-keepable 15lb gain to a BIGINNER looks like this
    WK 1-4 dbol 30-50 mg ed
    wk 1-8 or 10 test 400
    wk 1-8 or 10 deca or eq 400 mg wk
    clomid 3 wks out

    i need some responces to this so next time i get a pm i can just send a link to this thread

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    You are right 4Plates ! - gaining 15 pounds on a cycle does not mean you gained 15 pounds of muscle ! A lot of it is water.

    I don't think I ever realized how difficult it is to gain and keep quality muscle even WITH gear. My current cycle looks alot like the example you have above and I train hard, Eat like an animal, get rest, basically LIVE this stuff and I still have along way to go.

    Don't ever worry about getting TOO big.

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    the advice given here applies no matter how much gear you shoot............200mg or a gram.
    this is solid stuff 4p, nice post.

    peace bb79

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    "I don't want to get to big," ha, that's like saying "I'm going to start playing golf but I don't want to be the next tiger woods so I'm only going to play on the week ends, shit people say the damdist things.

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    most people think that if they take steroids there going to end up looking like a freaky pro bb, with the huge traps and shit, all vainy and shit. But what people dont realize is that it take more than a couple cycles to transform your body that dramatically. If it were as easy as doing one cycle to become the next jay cutler then it would be wacked, but the trouth is is that most people arent able to get close to that big, im talking 20lbs less without gear. And lots of it.

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    excellent post 4plates as well as those that responded
    this game we play w/the iron and the gear is a motherfuker
    its not a cyle its a lifstyle.
    girls say that all the time "oh i dont want to get big"

    u couldnt newbie get big if u wanted to

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    that is a perfect cycle for a new guy! If you dont gain and keep most of it on that cycle then you are obviously doing something wrong or you dont have the education or dedication to use AAS!! Nice post plates!!

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    Excellent post Mr. plates. The cycle you posted is basic and will work wonders. As long as someone trains hard and eats big they grow. The other thing I have noticed is a lot of the same people who don't want to get to big ask about taking ox or primo. I not sure of many people who can put on 15lbs of muscle without taking test. 15lbs is a lot of muscle. Key thing here is muscle, not just water. I guess it just a matter of educating them. And that is one of the reasons why we are here.

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    i dont want to get burned by you guys or anything but whats your look on someone who is younger like 18-20 years old and going to do this cycle..Is it really that bad for someone young to do it? and how fast will you be gaining this 15lbs? is it one of those fast bulks or do u gradually gain? sorry for being a newbie but the only way to learn is ask people who have done it..

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    you could gain a solid 15 lbs of mass in 3 months of hard training, that is a good gain, you could gain more if you worked hard enough and eat right.

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    if i shoot 500mg of anavar can i get a lean toned "mens health model" body? i dont want ANY side effects. orals only, i dont wanna get too muscular by accident. help me out here.

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