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Thread: Furazabal

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    I got this from another board from ** himself. It sounds interesting enough to give it a shot. After reading the quote, I am interested in hearing what you guys thought. Here it is.

    "below is my observation , results could vary

    its unrivaled for strenght ,speed and stamina while losing weight ..

    it energizes nervous system like antidepresant , no agresion noticed ,sex drive not changed or reduced ,acne on face and shoulder apeared after 2-3 weeks , used alone @ 40 mg split daily with fat lose stuff and lost 10lb while strenght ,recovery and endurance is insane ! i think stamina is up in part because weight is down plus CNS stimulation but still dramatic , no more post training soreness and fatigue and bloating and crampiness which i get with dball or deca plus no joint pain like winy so one can hit max EOD ! lowers cholestrol too ..

    not suitable for mass , weight stays steady ..

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Wow ** himself told you that. He doesn't happen to sell it does he.

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