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    Exclamation took shot... lump in left delt- HELP!!!

    my friend who is a member of the board but cant get to his computer rite now took a shot of 1 1/2 ccs of t200 and 1 cc of EQ in his left delt. he has been doing this for 7 weeks now and never be4 has he ever got a lump or nething has never been wrong. today he noticed a large lump after taking the shot. he did everything as planned... he pulled bak on the syringe (no blood) , he injected very slowly, and when he was done he massaged it for 5-10 minutes. he then noticed a small lump in the injection area. the lump has grown and he says its hard as a rock. help please.... thanx kindly....

    btw he has been doing delt injections throughout his entire cycle... i myself prefer the glute...

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    JimmyD69 is offline Junior Member
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    Hey man< that same thing happened to me man. I shot in my ass and like few days later i got this hard ass rock ball sore. it went away later on

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    hey man what size pin did he use? Did he inject the test and eq in the same shot? I'm pretty sure eq is water based. if it is you should never mix oil and water in the same shot.

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    EQ is oil based and you can mix the two. I mix'em everytime.
    Many people experience lumps like that for a few days post injection.
    It will most likely go down ina few days.
    Do not put heat on it though, it increases infection risk.

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    Nothing to worry about by the sounds of things. My last cycle was 4 months look injecting Fina EOD for 2 months along with Testoviron depot and deca , switching to Fina and Prop ED for the final 2 months and you should have seen the lumps I had. Generally I don't mind shooting through lumps if it's eod or ed shots, but I stop when the blood turns brown !!. Sounds crazy I know, but shit man these are the things we must do in the quest for hugeness, lol.


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