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    Should I be concerned?

    I am considering trying out a new source (haven't yet done a cycle, my very reliable source I had planned on using who is also a friend came upon an unfortunate incident and now believes he will be out of the game for some time) but have a question regarding his methods. He comes extremely well referred from some trusted recs BUT, one of his products I'm considering (organon sus) has been, in his words, "rebottled into 10ml bottles for convenience". I am concerned that this may not be a good sign, as, I assume, this would indicate it does not come in its original packaging, thus making counterfeiting a breeze. Normally, I would immediately write him off as someone to be avoided as a result, but his solid refs are hard to ignore. Is this somewhat standard or even normal practice to rebottle as such? Please help.

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    It is very common for sources to re-bottle bulk oils from underground labs such as **. As a matter of fact the majority of **'s oils are re-bottled. I have also heard of some sources re-bottling brand name product for shipping purposes. However, I think you are right to be leary. The fact that you have the refs of respected Vets is good...just ask yourself, how far are you willing to trust them? You're call bro, good luck!

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