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    Correct Cetabon Dosage?

    I've a several strips of cetabon (2mg per tab) 'winny'. I've been on d-bol and other AS but wish to keep ampules for later cycles. I've 150 tabs.

    How many mg finishing cycle of six-eight weeks. Hoping to finish on cetabon on weeks 7 and 8 but wondered if 10 tabs daily would be too little? strain on liver etc? red

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    cetabon is a mix of stanozolol and b-12 along with a third ingredient that i cant remember.
    i dont think 20mg a day will do much for you bro, but if you have em, and want to take em, then give it a try.
    another concern is the 2 week window. i dont know if thats long enough to see anything major either, but who knows?

    peace bb79

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