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    whens the dbol kick in?

    i havent taken dbol in a long time...and i forgot how long until it kicks in....and i see strength increase....and some mass....cuz i get a little paranoid thinkin if its fake or not......thanks for ur responses

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    Anywhere between 7-10 days is when you should start to really feel anything. Remember that a lot of the mass is water and you should really just use it as a jumpstart to a cycle.

    Also you shouldn't be too sketchy if you have a reliable source.


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    I am only on day 10 now of a dbol /deca /test en cycle. The dbol tabs are 50 mg, and I split them into 3 pieces per day and chew them.

    Between days 6 and 10, I started feeling the dbol effects: gained 5 lbs from 195 to 200 so far, and getting wicked pumps in the gym. Only sides so far are dramatic increase in thirst and have had a couple of headaches, although those may have been heat related- it was in the upper 90s here one of those days.

    Anyways, my experience is fitting in with what Aragorn said.


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