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Thread: HCG and Clomid

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    HCG and Clomid

    In order to kickstart your test production after a cycle, do both clomid AND HCG have their appropriate places in post-cycle intake, or should the use of one preclude the other. I've heard some people rave about the combination, while others state that the HCG adds minimally, if at all, to the clomid's properties and is a waste of $ unless used by itself, which is foolish to do with clomid available. Anyone have experience with the two...or even HCG?

    It's also been mentioned that HCG should/could be used to lead in to the clomid by a few people, but i'm nto sure i see the validity in that.

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    used both, imo hcg is useless, only delays the recovery of the hpta...use clomid, its cheap, effective, and hardly any sides...good luck

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