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    Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question

    WHile i'm pretty well aware of the prevelance of scammers that take the money and run...leaving you empty handed, how rare or common is it for fakes to be passed off? I'm assuming, based on principles of economics, that it's far more profitable to simply take the cash and run, since fake gear has to be slightly time and resource consuming to produce, and the turnaround time for people to cry scammer can not be sufficiently greater than the take-and-run turnaround to justify the extra cost...i would assume.

    That being said, i know it does happen, but I'm wondering how many people have actually dealt with it, if it was obvious from the start, or they plowed through a whole cycle of no results before realizing it. My biggest fear, as my anticipated cycle will be my first, is that one component (say, the test) will be fake and the rest may be real...thus absolutely screwing my chance to take advantage of that coveted first cycle window. Thanks for putting up with my rambling.

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    i hear your concern bro, its a shame that someone would go to the extent of passing off a fake, it could be anything. the best way to go in my opinion is pick a brand that has easy to recognize features, ex. holograms, raised lettering ect. theres alot of pictures and descriptions at the steroid pic forum as well as this one. even with this there are still fakes, but the chance someone will go to the extent of faking packaging and holograms is alot less.

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    It's not a stupid question.
    Scammers who take the $ and run are more common.
    However there is plenty of fakes out there.
    Good sources will not sell fakes so it comes down to trusting your source.
    If and when you get your gear, take a picture of it and post it in the "steriod pictures forum". Someone on this board will be able to tell if it's fake by a # of ways, lot #'s batch #'s etc...


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    yeah good luck with your cycle. i guess it really depends if you trust your source and if your source is good to you. I took a risk, i guess we all do from time to time. good luck

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