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    need some quick advice

    I was just speaking to a fellow bb in a chat room. I told him my 1st cycle plans, and he suggested I not go ahead with the prop and eq and stick to the basics, because it will have an effect on the 2nd and if 3rd cycle. My 1st will consist of

    wk1-4 dbol 25mg/ed
    wk1-10 test prop 100mg/eod
    wk1-10 eq 300mg
    wk1-12 arimidex .5/eod
    wk13-15 clomid

    supps: multi-vitamin, creatine, l-glutamine, whey protein, vit c, milk thirstle, and trib in those clomid weeks.

    He was saying that at around week 5, the receptors will close because of recognising the drug and I will basically fail to gain any more weight. Is this true? I've never read anything about this, but I have seen most gains achieved in the early weeks of a cycle. How does my cycle look?

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    eh, they will be flooded, but they wont close...the way the receptors work is that the steroid molecule fills it, sends message to dna to increase protein consumption whatever, then the molecule leaves, but not for a certain peroid...then the molecule is free to hit another site or be removed from the blood stream...personally, i see gains all the way from weeks 3/4-10/12, i dont see a decrease, maybe a baseline, but im always increasing size/strength...maybe your partner hasn't had the proper diet or just doesn't make any sense, if this were true then why would people be bridging all the time or just taking 5/6 week cycles?

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