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    Question finishing second cycle.....what next??

    For my first cylcle I bought 1 10ml of boldenon and took 200mg a week for 10 weeks and then my second cycle I got 2 10ml of sust250 and 1 10ml of Test Cypionate . I took 500mgs of sust a week and 400mgs of the cyp. I got about 1cc of each left. I got pretty good gains off of this cycle, so I bought 2 more 10ml of sust. I was wondering if anyone has and ideas what would be a good stack with the sust being its my 2nd cycle. I am still kinda thin so Im looking more to put on some more mass than to get cut up. Thanks

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    Check out the educational boards and they'll fill you in on a lot of your questions that you may have. Put the A/S done for a little while and read up here on the board, you'll learn a whole lot which will translate into bigger gains when you jump back to the darkside.

    We're all here to help so shoot us your questions when you come to a wall.


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    yea bro those cycles you mentioned arent really good cycles. I would stop using AS and do your research and then after that, I would consider doing a cycle but one question, why are you using sus250 and cyp in the same cycle and dont have any deca or EQ in it?

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    Yea thats not a good cycle. Finish off with one but save the other.

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    When you did a sus and cyp stack you did all test. you stacked test with test. 900mg/week of test. Thats a lot for a second cycle. Not the best stack Ive seen.

    If you have the sust. now and are looking to stack it with something, here's a D-bol, and Deca ( or eq ) those three should make you much happier.

    Make sure your taining and diet are in check. You said you got pretty good gains off 900mg/ week of test. I would have expected you to say; holy shit !!! I grew like a weed.


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    whats next?

    your third cycle?

    peace bb79

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