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    Packages seized, what can happen to you?

    I am 19 y/o and i am THINKING about doing a cycle next winter. I've read about peoples gear being seized by customs. I don't know about anyone else, but i would crap my pants if that happened. What could happens to you when they seize your gear? whats the worst that could happen to you?

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    jail time for possesion. unlikely if you ordering personal use amounts though, USUALLY you will lose you gear, get probation and a fine.

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    You could go to Jail ! but its not likely. At 19 year old I would suggest you wait a few more years before you cycle. Not only will you realize more of your natural potential. You will be older wiser and most likely earning more money. Juicing can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of food. Also lawyers are very expensive if you happen to get caught.

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    The criminal record could be more costly than anything else. It depends on what kind of career you're expecting to have.

    Posession itself can carry a sentence of up to one year. Politics always can and often does come into play. You never know when they're looking to make an example out of someone. Try not to be that someone.

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