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    Winstrol blocks Deca gyno ???

    I've read info and seen posts that Winstrol will block the gynaecomastia risks presented by Deca . Deca is a progesterone-imposter as well as a testosterone -imposter in the human body. Nolvadex doesn't block deca gyno. Winstrol can block deca gyno because it has a high affinity for progesterone receptors.

    Is this a true statement?

    Has anyone out there ever successfully used winstrol to block deca gyno? I mean has anyone out there ever started getting gyno on deca before, decided I can't take deca. And then gone back later on another cycle and used winstrol/deca without getting gyno??

    I mean from practical experiennce has anyone seen this actually happen???

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    it will not block it completely but it will help against it

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    As far as your statement is concerned, I can't say yes or no, because I simply don't know. However, I do know that winstrol will help with certain types of gyno, it does not aromatise at all, and helps with water bloat.

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    I have never heard of it blocking gyno, the nolv works well againist most gyno but mostly againist bloat.

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    Having tried!

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