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    clomid off cycle for sex drive

    I know clomid is used at the end of a cycle to bring the natural testosterone production in the body back up to normal. But just hypothetically speaking, if you test levels were very low months after a cycle, or even if you never cycled before, would clomid help bring them back up to normal? I am not completely sure how clomid works, or how it makes you produce test. Is it possible, would it work? Is there another better way to bring natural test levels back up short of hrt?

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    Well first you need to find out why you have the lack of sex drive. If you truly have problems with low test then clomid probably will not fix the problem. If the problem is you simply haven't recovered from your last cycle then it may help restore HPTA function.

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    What clomids do is they jump start the flushing of estrogen, this will eventiually get your levels back to normal.

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    What is hpta mean?

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