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Thread: legit?

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    hey fellas-
    Need a little help. Got a few 10mL vials of enantat 250 from Q-vet. My lot number is QVE-003 and the exp. date is December of 2004. Now the website show the expiration date as September 2004. I have emailed q-vet twice and they told me both times that the site made a mistake and I have the correct expiration date. Yet, the site has been updated since my first email to q-vet but this has not been changed. I have talked to a few other people who are waiting to hear on this matter. The Bold and Deca that I got along with the test all match up with the website. Does anyone else have this or know what the deal is? I'd appreciate it!

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    if they themselves said its legit..then its legit....
    If they said they screwed up they did...

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    I would believe qv. They made it, they know best.

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    i agree they would know but i dont c y they wouldnt change the info on the site seems prett easy

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