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    Question Coming Off, D-bol??

    Should I use D-bol?

    I just came off 12 weeks tren , ent, deca .
    I started 20 mg Nolva and 25 mg proviron the last week of the cycle and will run that for 30 days.
    Day after my last shot of gear I shot 5000iu HCG (this was yesterday)
    I will take another 5000ius in five days and another 5000 five days after that. I will start clomid after last shot HCG, 300mg, then 100mg for 10 days, then 50mg for ten days.
    Also running clen 2 weeks on two off.

    I read that if you take 10 mg in the am it will help until you start producing on your own. But I have a few questions I need help with.

    My questions are:
    Should I use Dbol ?
    When should I start and how long should I run it?
    Would running Dbol counteract all the other crap I am taking and not help my boby get back to norm.


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    I will be usng Dbol post cycle myself. I dont think you need ot un Dbol more than 5 weeks post cycle

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    I,m not familiar with running it post cycle as it can lead to a lot of water weight and at the end of most cycles guys are looking to lose that and look harder not puffy.

    Keep us updated I,m interested in hearing your results ;-)

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    I would say: 10mg d-bol in am with your clomid therapy(three weeks or so) I did it for like the last week of my clomid therapy and was fine.
    I would'nt worry about water retention. watch your diet & train as hard

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    yep at 10mg a day water rentention and liver toxicity aint really an issue. Just make sure you dont go over 10mg and that you takeit in the AM

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    Run it at 10 mg in the morning. I think you should wait until after clomid therapy to start any bridge.

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