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    Does anyone else get hungry on Dball ?

    I've run LOTS of dball cycles over the last few years and have never experienced anything like this untill now. This is my first time using Thai Anabol dball (my little pinkies are posted in the 'roid pix board) and since starting them I could literally eating for Ireland. My appetite has gone through the roof. THe reason I'm putting it down to the dball and not other factors is that it's only started with this cycle, and as taking lots of dball throughout the day really pisses me off I drop 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening, then awhile after HUNGER PANGS which nothing can satisfy. The rest of my cycle is Testex (cyp.) and Fina.

    Jeeze I need go eat again, lol..


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    been there done that. my 1st few cycles on thai anabol did the same thing to me. but here lately(im on 40mg of of dbol as we speak) its not as bad as it used to be.
    i dont know if my system has now adjusted to the dbol somewhat, but i dont get the hunger pangs nearly as bad as i used to..........

    peace bb79

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    Hey bro i can feel you on the hunger part cause my first time i ever touched juice ,well lets just say i didnt do research and didnt know nothing about it but I was doing the thais for 5 weeks 30mg I believe a day and i was hungry as a horse and blew up quick but lost ever bit of it but hell yeah bro , I was very hungry all the time.

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    An increase in appetite is not a bad thing! Believe me, enjoy it while it last. My appetite went through the roof when I was cyceling d-bol but weather it was due to the d-bol or the other "supplements" that I was taking at the time I could not say.

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