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    Anybody heard of the EpiPen?

    These are used for allergic reactions and im allergic to about everything on this fucking world so I have to have them on hand because ive almost died a few times. Anyways I was at the Doctors office today and we was just shooting the shit and he was telling me that he knows a few guys that shoot up with this before they workout. It's almost pure adrenilin(didnt spell it right). I thought it could kill you but he told me that it was rare. So now ive got about 2 dozens of these pinz. Just wanted to know if anybody has used them and how good it works.

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    still growin is offline Member
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    Jul 2002
    I wouldn't mess around with that shit personally. Get some ripped fuel or speed stack at the gym!

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    There was a post about adrenaline a while ago. Sounds like a really bad idea to me. I think people have gone to far when they are shooting adrenaline in the hopes of getting a better lift. That has got to take a toll on the body.

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    my good friend has to use it for medical reasons

    and he has nothing but bad things to say about personally i would take some dymetadrine extreme before i'd use pens

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