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    putting together FIRST CYCLE

    After much thought, reading and asking as many questions as I can. I have come up with what I think is a killer first cycle. I would like to gain about 30lbs on this. My plan goes like this.. I am going to be eating A LOT, I would like to take in about 6000 cals ED I will be concentrating on protein using (Nuclear Nutrition Ultra-Pro 7 80g/serving). I would like to take in about 600g or protein ED. I will be eating alot of meat, chicken, pork and veggies and you cant forget potatoes.

    As far as how my workout will change. I am not going to do the usual bulking routine where you drop to 6-8 reps a set with lots of weight. I plan on leeping my 10-15 reps per set, I feel that as I get stronger I will increase the weight but I like to feel that burn so droping the reps would be no fun.

    Here is the cycle:
    wks 1-16 iranian test enan 750mg/week
    wks 1-14 QV eq 600mg/week

    wks 1-4 d-bol thai 10mg blue hearts 40mg/ED
    (I may use Viramone 150mg/ED rather then d-bol, if I use Viramone it would be run 1-6)

    wks 1-15 liquidex .5mg ED

    nolva and clomid will be on hand durring cycle along with liquidex
    I will stop the EQ on week 14 so it gives it a chance to equal out with the test by the 16th week, on week 14 I will start my clomid/nolvadex theropy. Also I am thinking about introducing some HCG in here the last week of test injections.

    wks 14-15 clomid 100mg ED
    wks 14-15 nolva 100mg ED
    wk 16 clomid 50mg ED
    wk 16 nolva 50mg ED

    Well let me know what you guy's think. This will be my first ever cycle so I would like it to be a real gainer. I plan on doing this, then a bridge into another cycle later.

    Thanks for the input

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    slow down there tiger!i hope u achieve your diet plans bro but thats alot of food ,and lots of protein ,i have doubt s about your diet ,thats what gregg kovacs eats bro.anyway everyone is aloowed to dream therees a difference between trying and doing .this is your firts cycle ?bor i think u need to hit the drawing board again .by the way whats your training history stats age ,you have to be kidding me 1-16 750 mg test ?first off thats alot of tets for a virgin and thats a fuckin long ass cycle .bro i dont wanna see you fuck ur self up so im gonna doa little suggetsion here ,casue its people like u that do gung ho firt cycles mess them selves up then gives the sport a bad name.
    1-8 500 mg test
    1-8 400 eq
    1-3 30 mg dbol
    u wanted to do virormone 150 mg aday bro seriously u need to rething things

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    that cycle would be nice if it were your 3rd of 4th bro but it looks like alot of waisted gear,i know i dont know you from adam but theres no way in hell you going to eat 6000 calories and 600 g of protien everyday.
    it would be great but its not going to happen.
    big n has laid out a nice looking cycle for you but ,since you are running eq it really should be ran a little longer ,10 wks should get you nice for your first go.
    forget the prop in the beginning and use the dbol .
    your plan with the prop is about 1600 mg of test.your receptors will be saturated on 500 mg wk,so any more will be waisted.
    if your up to everyday injections you should run the prop wk 11-13
    this get get you on to clomid in 3 days rather than 3 wks out of the cycle
    wk 1-4 30-40 mg dbol
    wk 1-10 500 mg enethate wk
    wk 1-10 400 mg eq wk
    wk 11-13 verimone prop 100 mg ed
    clomid 3 days out of prop

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    thanks for the reply's bro's..
    ok history.. I started lifting in 1991 and have been lifting on and off ever since. I got hurt and had to take 2 years off but I have been back for a little while now.
    Age: 25
    Arms: 20"
    Legs: 28"
    Calfs: 20"
    Waist: 38"
    Neck: 19"
    Chest: 50"
    bodyfat: ~13%

    As far as the protein goes Nuclear Nutrition Ultra-Pro 7 80g/serving with milk you can bump that too 100g per serving. I respect what you bro's are saying so I will take another look at the cycle but like I said I want this to be a real gainer..
    1-8 500 mg test enan
    1-8 400 eq
    1-4 30 mg dbol
    I do like the way that this looks... how ever.. 8 weeks is a rather short cycle length so here is my question, If I were to do this cycle could I bridge w/Anavar into another bulk cycle.. See what I tried to do (with little success) was put together 2 8 week cycles, I guess that is not going to work..
    I am glad that I posted this here as I have asked other bro's and they thought it was ok.. Thank you again for the help..
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    do the cycle they posted, if you want though you can extend to 10 weeks max. as for bridging into another cycle.....DONT. leave bridging to competitive experienced bodybuilders. it is ust an excuse not to come off gear, there is no reason to do it. Slide!

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    i agree with everyone who posted above. youre jumping the gun here, and theres no way you should be running those dosages for your 1st cycle.
    if you can get that much food and protein down on your 1st go, then more power to ya. this is just all the more reason to back off on the dosages.
    i tend to agree with you on one point though....8 weeks isnt long enough. my suggestion:

    1-6 anavar 30mg ed
    1-11 test enan 500mg/week split into 2 shots(say monday and thursday)
    1-10 eq 400mg week split into 2 shots(same days)

    have your anti-e's ready to go in case you need them. and remember your clomid.........yada, yada, yada........

    with what your planning on doing supp and food wise this is plenty, and your goal should be readily attainable.

    peace bb79

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    nice reply's bro's thanks...
    I am glad that I was able to get some responces on this from you guy's..
    I do really like the test/dbol /eq idea, I was looking into Anavar and it is $$$.. so I am not sure that I would put that in this cycle..

    I know that one of the most oftenly asked questions is "How much will I gain" and I really did not want to ask that as I know that there are so many variables involved.

    I am not trying to kid my self here.. I know that this is going to be hard. I am glad that there are boards like this where I can talk to people that will help and offer their advice. I write computer software and know how it can feel for people to always ask.. but never offer anything in return.. I would like to say thank you to all that replied, I fully intend to listen to and really think about the advice that I have been given.. I will stay with the calssic bread & margarine stack
    (test enan/eq/dbol/nolve/clomid/hcg )

    I am alittle worried tho.. I know that it will be a good 4 weeks before the test kicks in and a good 3 weeks before the eq.. so I was wondering if I could run 12 weeks rather then 10

    thank you again..

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