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    D-bol and Test Enanthate

    I am planning on doing a cycle which starts with 4 weeks of D-bol, 35mgs, 10 weeks of Test Enanthate and 10 weeks of EQ. I am going to use Fina for 6 weeks , about 6 weeks into my enanthate / eq cycle. Will that be enough to lean me out or should I throw in some winnie to get me leaner? Thanks guys.

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    I'm starting same cycle next week.
    weeks 1-10 750mg of testoviron
    weeks 1-10 600mg EQ
    weeks 1-5 fina 75mg ed
    weeks 7-11 winny 50mged
    This will be my 3rd cycle though.

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    run the winnt 8-12 or 8-13 at 50 ed , it works awesome like that

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    my cycle im on now.

    1-4 50mg dbol
    1-10 600mg t400
    1-10 400mg eq
    10-12 hcg
    8-13 fina 100mg ed
    8-13 winnie 50mg ed

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