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    Gyno after 2nd cycle? And a good anti e?

    As you all know by now, I am not the expert in the steroid feild.
    This is my second cycle ever. I am blessed with decent genes. Im 6'4 240 pounds with a 34 inch waist. Not sure what the body fat is but it can stand to be lowered.
    I have done a test enathate/refrovit cycle a few years back and now i have just started "last sunday" a test enenthate/eq cycle.
    I can still change things up a little being how i just started.Appearantly i need to add clomid to the end of the cycle so my balls recover fine. J/k!!
    IM not trying to get huge and i was just joking by using the term muscle head. Im sorry that some took effence.
    I am a sponsored athelete and just looking for a lil edge to my game.

    Does this sound like i am at risk for gyno?
    And, what are your favorite anti e's. I can give back the clomid if needed.
    Thanks for the help,

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    i see, lets ignore deltrain now

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    the only anti e's that can help are
    nolvadex ,clomid,arimidex
    arimidex take throughout cycle
    nolvs as needed
    clomid if cant get nolvs

    all these battle estrogen. nolvs are strongest and take when nipples start to bother

    are you at risk from estrogen----yes,but depends on doses your doing. post doses for us and just have nolvs on hand if needed

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