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    Talking sense of humour?

    to all on AR,
    Hi, i am writing this to you hoping that you may all be able to help me, i grew up with training in my household from when i was living with my family in the trailerpark downtown, just out side our campsite, was a jungle gym, which kept me and my 7 brothers and 2 sisters fit all day long, we kinda get our insperation from our father, from wat i can remeber of him, he's at the state pen. 25 to life, gbh/armed robbery.

    So i've got the physic from an early age, because maybe from dodging the law or the child wellfare (mother was out working every night) now i feel that i'm prepared to start taking juice, as long as my sister can just keep on pulling in the tricks shes doing, and we can just keep her going to the clinic for her weekly hepatitus shots.

    Shes making "friends" with one of the doctors there which he's gonna be my dealer, how i know this cause my youngest brother also buys his crack from him aswell, and as long as my sister can keep him happy, he'll help me out if you know wat i mean

    Also if i can just keep this away from my girlfriend (by the way we are getting married next month on her 14th birthday) cause she don't like the idea of me wasting the money on juice when we got our first baby coming along and all, but, the bitch don't understand hey?
    If she opens her mouth about it again, i'll just put my damn foot in it!
    when she gonna learn to just shut the fuck up!!

    Anyway, my brother says that he wants to start with me, which could help me with the costs but i said he can't cause we can't share needles with that seriuos aids shit he's got, and pins cost money, but maybe we can make a plan our something, well, wat i wanted to ask is, and please no flaming bro's,.......can i drink winny?


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    LOL, sounds like a pretty normal family.

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    When I was reading this, I was like you gotta be f/n kidding me. Then I scrolled down... good one.

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    too much time on your hands? j/k funny post, i liked it.

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    Bobby I knew it was you. this is Tom from the trailer across the dirt road.
    I knew you kids were up to no good with your sister whoring around and you brother leaving his old pipes on my lawn. As soon as I finish aspirating this needle for my heroine shot Im gonna kick your momma out of my bedroom and show here what youve been up to.

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