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Thread: which is better

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    Post which is better

    which do you think is a better cycle? Goal: gain as much lean muscle as possible. stats: 5'9" 178lbs 8%b/f.
    cycle 1
    wks 1-4 cyp 500mg/wk
    wks 4-8 3 masteron + 2 parabolan /week
    proviron 1/day throughout cycle

    cycle 2
    wks 1-4 50 or 100 mg prop eod
    wks 4-8 3 masteron + 2 parabolan /wk
    proviron 1/day throughout cycle

    * what are chances of getting deca dick

    also have hcg / clomid for post cycle

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    Cyp. has esters that are to long for a productive 4wk span. It wont even start to hit you untill around wk3-4 so I would go with the Prop.

    HCG probably wont be needed for such a short cycle and Deca dick should not be a problem due to the supplemented test.

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    You won't find any legit masteron or parabolin so do yourself a favor and use fina, anavar , primo, eq, test or a combination of a couple of them...

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