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    don't count on doctors too much, from experience

    I had a blood test two weeks ago and the doctor told me I have hiv from the hich level of ast in my blood. This ofcource destroyed me! I went got two more test done and now I have learned my ast is actually close to normal. I changed my diet and eleminated something from my diet probably supplement ephedra that had increased my liver function and my liver fuction was lowered. The doctor told me dont even think about steroid on my first test but my second and third test showed that my ast is actually alittle higher then normal or just right for a bodybuilder who is on juice. I personally hate doctors now and have doubts going to doctors anymore--specially in canada becuase all they want is for you to have a hardcore desease so they could make tones of money of you but they dont know how they could hurt their patients. I am not saying stop getting tested but check the results yourself and have second and thirds done becuase doctors know s#@t about the world of bodybuilding.

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    Wow he said you had HIV? Why the hell would he say that unless he specificly gave you a HIV test? I'm not a Dr. but that wasn't cool of him to make that asumption...
    Did you get a HIV test after the other tests?

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    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I agree that Doctors make quite a few mistakes and diagnose problems incorrectly which is why we all need to be educated patients. I do however have to say that they provide a valuable service and are very necessary. Don't let this bad experience stop you from seeking medical care if you need it.

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    if my doctor told me i had HIV and i found out later that he was just saying that, guess who would catch the biggest ass whiping of their lifes?.... the doc

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