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    winnie and sus?? or winnie and primo??

    alright alright brothas u see here i heard that if you stack 250mg of sus per week with winnie u will get a nice hard ripped look. with enough muscle to turn heads. on the other hand primo is most commonly used for a cuttin cycle with winnie. but how does sustanon 250 sound?? man oh man im going to have to drink my winnie coz its gonna be a major pain in da ass injecting every 2/3 days. alright brothas im waiting for some replies. thanks alot

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    Well bro IMO test should be the base of any cycle. So if its a choice between the two id go with 500mgs sust and 50mgs winny ed. Or better yet cycle all 3...


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    you said it. i guess it is going to be what you are lookin for . if you want more size then go with the sust. and if you want more cut go with the primo. i would have clomid for both at the end. and nolva on hand for the sust

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    Wink all 3?

    how should the cycle looks like if i want to use all 3?

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    You might want to consider eq/winny or eq/winny/test. Both are classic cutting cycles and will give you a hard ripped look.

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