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Thread: bc and juice

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    bc and juice

    hey guys i just read a post and i was wondering this before so i wanted some opinions... my girl is on the pill.... ive always been a little scared to blow it in here even though she wants me too... ive been on my cycle for 4 weeks now... what are the chances... would i be better off doing it while im on juice or just forget about it if im that worried....
    let me know guys

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    doin what - blowin it in her ?

    you take a chance with or without juice. you still got little tadpoles swimmin up in her either way.....

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    If your girl is on the pill, then what is the problem? You think shes trying to set you up? It is like 99.9% effective bro. Blow away!

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    Thats a BIG if bro. If shes on the pill blow away. If she isnt and ur thinking that test will shut down ur swimmers ur wrong. Test is NOT a contraceptive for men.

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