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    need some good advice

    hey i'm just starting my second week of 75 mg EOD of finaplix . and i had a couple of questions to ask.

    1) how long does it usually take on average to start seeing noticable gains from this?

    2) if i'm only taking finaplix and its just 75 mg EOD will i be fine with just some clomid starting about 3 days after my last shot for 14-20 days?

    3) this is my first cycle, i was just wondering if i did see any side effects what kind of signs should i be looking for?

    4) also, the way this was mixed was about 75mg per .5 cc, so i'm taking 1/2 a cc every other day. so far i've been rotating between different ass cheeks and shoulder shots. since this is just .5 cc of juice would it be fine to go left ass-right ass-left ass, etc... every other day because its such a small quantity of cc? just wondering because i find the should shot to hurt a little more and give me a little less mobility than the butt shots.

    5) also given that i am doing a finaplix only cycle at just 75mg eod. if i could get any reassurance of a very small chance of side effects (gyno, etc...) i would appreciate, it seems like every message board i've been looking at lately there is someone new with gyno. just looking for a little postive reinforcement that i made the right decision with doing this stuff.

    that should do it for my questions for now. i would really appreciate ya'll getting back to me. thanks so much in advance.

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    well bro since your fresh ,it by the end of 2 nd week u should be seeing it and feeling .21 days on the clomid it shuts u down hard if not id say tke it a little longer .300 fist day 100 for ten days and 50 ten more days.sideefects drink lots of water pay attention to urine color the wheite the better the darker ,no good .acne kinda snappy and short tempered .sometimes depending on person. so ur taking 75 eod ?it would be better if administerd every day but eod will do u goo after all it is ur first.fina only cycle you mor liable to get sides thena test and something else day it dosent make a difference .esonaly since ur hitting eod get some prop too not onll will u see better gains but you r little man will thank you !

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    If your running Fina alone @ 75mg EOD, I dont think your gonna notice that much in terms of LBM. You might get a bit leaner, a bit harder, and a bit bigger. You shoudl notice some decent strength gains. I usually feel my Fina by the end of the week. SOme people say it takes 3 weeks for them.

    At 75mg EOD you shouldnt see many sides at all, especially since your not stacking this with Test. So even though Tren is highly androgenic , your doing a pretty low dose. But acne and hair loss are always possible.

    I would rotate injection sites, you'll get used it. Why do i recommend this? Just because shooting the same cheeks over and over again aint fun.

    Again, running such a low dose, dont expect too many problems, especially Fina Gyno. However, you can pick up some Bromo if this becomes an issue. In reality, if youve never done tren, and you dont know how predisposed you are to prolactin gyno, you shoulda been running Bromo from the beginning.

    Run Clomid for 28 days. Run Nolva (or arim) along with it.

    Personally, if i was running a Tren only cycle id go right into 75mg ED. And yes, ED injections are better than EOD. It will make a differance.

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