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    Oct 2002

    Unhappy my face got fat!

    my cycle consists of T4/primotest/decca my face bloated up hardcore and was really noticeable, i gaind 30 pounds off that in 6 weeks btw. I want to do another cycle in a few months with out my face bloating up.
    So the question is, what steriods dont bloat your face up and give you size/cut. I was busted because they caught me before and said we will know if your on it cuz your face gets fat ;\
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    Amaru Killuminati is offline New Member
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    Apr 2002
    anti estrogens
    proviron ,arimadex(sp) etc...
    I'm taking proviron this cycle(my first)
    People have commented on my size, but not bloat in the face and such

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    Oct 2002
    What did your parents say?

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    heh, ,what does gaining 30 lbs have to do with your parents busting you anti anti e's? it was said earlier, femara, proviron , nolva, anastrozole, anything in that nature will help keep the bloat far as steroids that might keep you leaner with less water, eq, winny, fina, primo, anavar , etc...usually anything with a much more mild androgenic side and a stronger anabolic side...good luck

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    My first cycle was omnadren and d-bol and I gained about 26 lbs in the same amount of real bloated and lost most of the gains. I've just finished a cycle of fina...loved it. Makes you hard and cut and best of all you keep the gains. I'm about to start my next fina cycle

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