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    Feb 2002

    How many times a week do you work out?

    How many times a week do you work out? And how do you split it up? I'm doing it 5 days a week:
    Mon: Back
    Tues: Chest
    Wed: Off Day
    Thurs: Bi's
    Fri: Legs
    Sat: Shoulders and Tri's
    Sun: Off Day

    I'm doing a fina cycle now taking 75mg (5 days a week as well) on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, in the mornings...Only the days I work out.

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    showtime is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2002
    i lift5 3 to 4 days a week
    mon:tri's and tit's
    tues:back and bi's
    wedff day
    fri: tri's and tits
    take weekends off and go again on monday

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    Sep 2001
    Five to seven times per week, depending on how I feel, how much studying I have, and what I'm on at the time. Some people mentioned that I might be overtraining, but I get 8.5 hours of sleep per night and take in 6k calories per day... I think I'm the only person in the college who sleeps over 5 hours a night

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    Aug 2001
    What like lift weights and stuff? Once every 3 weeks roughyl. I don't like getting all sweaty and smelly. It's gross really.

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    Feb 2002
    i started 3 days per week almost 2 years ago and put on alot of size. went from 220 area (stalled there after years of training) to 245 now.
    i do

    i train real heavy and intense ---i also feel like training like this i train harder.
    instead of saying man i got to train again and not wanting to go to gym i cant wait to train cause been a couple of days. this way i hit it harder and i think in my mind every time i train i grow
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    A lot.

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    Red5 is offline Associate Member
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    May 2002
    3-4 depending on if i can find the time
    Mon-Chest, Shoulders
    Wed-Back, Traps
    Fri-Legs, Arms
    Fri-Legs, Arms

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    Pheedno is offline Respected Member
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    Apr 2002
    Miller's Crossing
    No less than 5 and always 1 day off.
    My current split(I switch it up every month):

    Incorporate abs on diff. days(still don't do them as much as I should)

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    David B.'s Avatar
    David B. is offline Member
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    Apr 2002
    LR AR
    Sun - legs
    Mon - back, rear delts, traps
    Tues - chest, shoulders
    Wed - arms

    Guess I should explain the shoulder split -- I do "pull" shoulder exercises on back day, and "push" on chest day. Makes it a lot easier on my injury-prone shoulders.

    And on arm day I throw in some calves and some ab work.


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    Alternating Heavy (hypertrophy), medium (hypertophy and strength) and light (strength). Depending on the bodypart, Heavy days get 5-6 days of rest, Medium days get 4-5, and light get 3-4.

    Heavy is Wholistic training useing giant-sets super seted for one HUGE set. First set is heavy for 2-3 reps followed by a shaping movement for 10-12 then a fiishing movement for 40 reps. Then repeated. For Exa,ple a chest day would be Bench Press for 2-3 reps... run over to Dumbell Press for 10-12... then run over to cross-overs for 40 then run back over to bench press again and repeat it all over again...

    Medium is basic POF split. A compound movement pyramid set followed by a basic shaping and contraction movement and then a finishing movement. Sometimes working in drop sets.

    Light is a GVT style strength day. A basic 10 sets of 10 reps. Sometimes I do 10 sets of less reps (like 10 sets of 5 reps). GVT days are a good way to monitor srength gains.

    This is a pretty complicated split Not a Back on Monday, Tris on Tuesday type. I plan to run it another 6 weeks or so... it's tailored for my uncanny rise of androgens and my current abnormal anabolic situation
    Last edited by Warrior; 10-31-2002 at 12:38 PM.

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    WorkingOnIt is offline New Member
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    Oct 2002
    6 days a week, 5 day rotation, off on Saturdays (still in college, need hangover recovery time)
    Sun - Shoulders & Traps
    Mon - Legs
    Tues - chest
    Wed - Back
    Thur - Arms
    Fri - Start over with Shoulders and Traps

    You think you guys could critique this for me, since in a couple weeks I'll be back on some gear and I was thinking about doing maybe two workouts in a day.
    Thanks bros

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    bulkmeUP's Avatar
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    May 2002
    4 days

    mon - chest, tri's , shoulders
    tues - legs, abs
    wed - back, bi's
    thurs - OFF
    fri - repeat from monday
    sat/sun - OFF

    with each day getting a workout twice in a 3 week period.. days off vary

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    Terinox's Avatar
    Terinox is offline The One & Only
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    Nov 2001
    5 days a week (and feeling good with this new routine)

    monday - chest
    tuesday - back
    wednesday - arms
    thursday - legs (currently injured .)
    friday - shoulders
    sat/sun - off

    This is something I started new over the summer, feels great working mon-fri. Before it was 3 days a week, but I find you put too much groups into one day, and feel too tired come the next exercise. One muscle group a day is perfect!!!

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    Feb 2002
    North Atlantic
    In maintenance mode: every-other-day alternating between upper body/lower body - on each workout I pick one muscle to focus hard on.

    In gaining mode:
    Saturday - pecs, delts, ant delts, tri's, upper traps
    Monday - legs and glutes
    Wednesday - bi's, traps, lats, post delts, forearms

    In bomb mode:
    Sat - chest
    Sun - thighs, butt
    Mon - back, lats
    Tue - shoulders, tri's
    Wed - calves
    Thur - arms
    Fri - off

    I use a hollistic training approach - I start off with light weights and use slow steady motion for high repetitions using prefect form - all strength. One or two sets and then i move the weight up and use good form and slow motions but when my muscles get tired at the end of the set I switch to power to shove up a few more. Then I bump the weights up again and use almost pure power sloppy form to shove up all the reps I can. The goal of the first few sets is to get more and more repetitions. The goal of the last few sets is to use heavier and heavier weights. It creates a balance of strength and power.

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