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    athletic performance

    Whats happening y'all!!! My main purpose for using as is for athletic performance. My goals are to gain 10-15 lbs. of lean muscle cut body fat, while getting quicker, stronger, and more explosive. I know that it sounds like a general question, but any help would be graet. The cycle that has been suggested to me so far goes like this

    weeks 1-6 test prop 75mg/ed

    weeks 1-10 eq 600mg/wk

    weeks 7-12 fina 75mg/ed

    weeks 7-12 winny 50mg/ed

    Thanks for all the help everyone

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    If you get tested I would not use that cycle. You should run the prop through week 13 and run the winny/fina weeks 8-13.

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    i agree with rickson.
    you could also trade the prop for enethate and just run it at 400-500 mg wk 1-10,to cut down on shots!
    run the winny and tren to end of wk 13.
    clomid 3 days out

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    wouldn't you like to know
    If you are gonna get tested then cut out the eq and winny. Unless they are winny pills. 6 weeks of prop/fina would be a killer cycle.

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