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    Anyone ever use EQ/Deca Only?

    What's everyone knowledge on a cycle like this:

    Week 1-10:150mg e.o.d Each Day
    Week 1-10:400mg Deca

    Clomid and Nov would be needed correct? I'm looking for a even, solid gains and looking forward to increased calf / chest growth with the EQ spot injections.

    Also, should I wait about 3-4 weeks for both of these to kick in before really picking up my diet and training for bulking?


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    I would run test suspension over eq in this case. Why? Good for spot injecting and I think you would be better suited to having a fast acting compound in your stack. My 2 cents.

    I only know one guy brave enough to shoot his calves, I have nowhere near enough nutsack for this, and he is ok 50% of the time and the other 50% if he's not bedridden he's hobbling around like an old lady for 2-3 days afterward.

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