Ok guys I am a little annoyed. I was at the gym today and I ran into some guy who I've known for awhile but haven't seen lately.
The last time he's seen me I was around 15 lbs lighter, so granted he commented that I was looking pretty big. My weight is fluctuanting between 190-195 lbs, I am 6' tall and by no means consider myself huge. Not big even (I suffer from bigorexia heh) I am, however, bigger than this guy who is 6'2 165 lbs.

Let's get to the point: He was asking me about cycling, I told him to stay away from the shit, for a couple reasons...
He is 18, he's been working out for around two years and has remained relatively the same size. Let me just say he was more than a little disappointed at my comment. This guy is extremely lean but has incredible genetics as far as strength goes. He has never taken AAS.

My beef here is that he simply wouldn't listen to any advice I was giving him. When I stated that I spend between 45 mins to an hour in the gym his facial expression turned into a grimace. I asked him how much time he spends. "2 to 3 hours" was his reply. When I questioned him about things like his nutrition, espcially pre and post-workout he gave me blank looks. He thinks he's a "hard gainer"? He wants to try AAS???

Let this be a message to all teen "hard gainers" on this board who are even thinking about using AAS: Don't. If you truly think that you absolutely cannot gain muscle mass without the use of AAS, you are wrong. (Unless there is something phyiscally wrong, in which case you should go to a doctor and check thyroid function, etc).

EDUCATION IS THE KEY. My advice: Take advice from people who know what they are talking about. DO NOT be ignorant because ignorance can be a very dangerous trait in this sport. If somebody bigger than you tries to give you advice, don't ignore it. They are bigger for a reason, usually because they've spent a lot more time at what they're doing and have a lot more KNOWLEDGE of how to do it right. This board has a plethora of information and users who can give great advice to the T. Read the educational forum. Use the search feature. READ READ READ and LISTEN, keep an open mind.

Knowledge is power. Use it.